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We believe business development is all about relationships. We’ll integrate with your team, so as to understand your core strengths and work alongside you, to help you build your business.

Working with us means that you have the benefits of a professional business development manager, without the HR challenges or recruitment costs associated with a permanent employee. We want to work as part of your team to ensure that we understand the benefits of your products and services, so we can find the right clients for you.

To make it simple, we have developed three packages with different service levels, from package one – our silver level – which consists of straightforward lead generation for you to take forward to convert into sales, through to our platinum level package three – which also includes a complete analysis of your business development and sales processes, with advice and recommendations of where they can be improved.

Package One:

Silver – £1000/month

Our silver package offers four days a month of dedicated lead generation for you to develop into sales. It is ideal for businesses wanting to test the water with outsourced support.
  • Cold prospecting and lead generation
  • Leads provided to the client
  • We continue prospecting and leave you to handle the ongoing sales process.

Package Two:

Gold – £1600/month

Our gold package is also four days a month but offers so much more than lead generation alone. It is the ideal package if you want the end-to-end services of a business development manager.
  • Cold prospecting and lead generation
  • Delivery of all aspects of business development from start to finish
  • Providing the role of Business Development Manager (BDM) from initial introduction, through to closing the sale
  • Wider business development knowledge and strategy support.

Package Three:

Platinum – £2000/month

The platinum package offers five days a month and in addition to the services of a BDM, it also provides you with business advice, training and coaching opportunities.
  • Cold prospecting and lead generation
  • Delivery of all aspects of business development from start to finish
  • Internal skill development, including
    • BD and sales process development
    • Development of BD strategy and action plans
    • BD skills training and education
    • Coaching and mentoring
    • Knowledge transfer

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Your business development requirements are as unique as your business, so we are always happy to discuss bespoke projects too.

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